La Salle present at the World Youth Day

Young Lasallians from District Norandino, Sector of Medellin, are already in Panama, who will attend the World Youth Day. Now, we share a brief account from Bro. Yeison Cañar Achicanoy, Biffi - La Salle's Academic Coordinator:

"We have arrived in Panama on Monday 14th January. We spent two days on a tour at historical places from the city. It is evident Panama people's attachment to their culture and history. They have not forgotten its strong nexus with Colombia in the past and they speak openly about the foreign intervention involved in both countries separation towards 1903.

Altogether, we are 130 people composed Archdiocese of Medellin delegation of which there are 23 Lasallians from different countries of the Sector. Five of them from both Lasallian schools located in Barranquilla.

Since Wednesday, we are in the Pre-Day in the city of Chitre. We are approximately 4 thousand pilgrims from Polony (2500), Brazil, France, Italy and Colombia (the rest). It is a small village near the Pacific Ocean. A tranquil and resting place for many foreigners, especially from the USA. As you may know, this country has much of a North American influence, the reason being that just 19 years ago the Panama Channel was returned to them, holding complete sovereignty upon it.

People are very warm. Language has not been an obstacle because Spanish, English and French are spoken. Pilgrims from Polony have made an effort to share with the people, even though their language is not very popular. Eucharists and prayers are often held in three languages in presence of everybody. The same happens on cultural events. These past few days have been about catechesis, community service and contact with the people. We will continue this way up to 21st January. We, Lasallians, have been distinguished for being proactive, the positive attitude and above all, punctuality. The families from the sector have hosted us and the activities are mainly in the University of Panama Campus.

22nd January we will be hosted in school at Panama city and the World Youth Day will officially start. Non-official information estimate the arrival of 3 million pilgrims. The city has prepared in terms of security and logistics. Transportation is going to be out for free by metro or bus. Food stores and restaurants have lowered their prices because being the Dollar and the Balboa the official currents, it increases the costs of many strangers, especially those coming from Latin America and Asia.

Translateb by: Bro . Royman Racini

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